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PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari, the 3rd Prawn Cracker Producer Undergoing FIP WWF

Author: Usmawati Anggita Sakti(Seafood Savers Communication Assistant) -  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeafood based dishes are not only listed as a main course menu, but also a snack, such as crackers. In Indonesia, there are a lot of high-quality and export prawn cracker producers. One of them is PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari, a seafood processor from Sidoarjo, East Java, been operating for 70 years.

Committing to make quality assurance and food security as the top priority that must be achieved by the company in order to produce shrimp cracker products, PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari also commits to providing the best for our mother nature. In 2018 the company joins Seafood Savers aiming to undergo FIP or Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) for shrimp (Metapenaeus tenuipes) referring to Marine Stewardship Councils (MSC) standards.

Joining other shrimp cracker producers, PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari officially stated their membership by signing Memorandum of Understanding and Seafood Savers Member Cooperation Agreement on October 5, 2018. The two documents were signed by WWF-Indonesia and Jimmy Wibisono as Director of the company.

DSC02540The company officially begins to implement FIP for wild shrimp in Tangkisung waters, South Kalimantan (Indonesian FMA 712). WWF is going to assist the company in the implementation and monitoring of FIP for the next five years.

“Generally speaking, it is an honor for us to be a Seafood Savers FIP member as it becomes a real action for producing a high-quality prawn crackers for our consumers and mother nature as well,” stated Jimmy Wibisono, Director of PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari.

PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari adds to the number of Seafood Savers members running the business in wild shrimp fishery. On October 2018, PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari is the third company which undergoes wild shrimp FIP for its crackers products. WWF and the company believe that the improvements will be implemented according to the agenda. They target that the FIP will transform into a new magnet for other shrimp crackers producers. Of course, for the sake of fisheries improvement acceleration and realization in Indonesia.

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