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WWF Holds Bandung’s Tourism Business Players towards Sustainable Tourism and Fisheries in Indonesia

Author: Seafood Savers dan Signing Blue Team -  
Translated: Usmawati Anggita Sakti


Bandung, 19 October 2018 Marine tourism and fisheries in Indonesia are growing rapidly in line with a changing in people lifestyle. Without realizing it, every tourism and fisheries practice is potential to bring negative impacts, such as the increasing volume of waste, pollution, damage to coral reefs, stress on animal and irresponsible fishing practices causing the decrease of our fish stock.

Seafood Savers and Signing Blue Program by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia focus on two aspects in the effort of supporting the pro-environment trend which are through tourism and fisheries. The socialization is held in Rivieria Room, the Luxton Hotel Bandung attended by General Managers, Executive Chefs, Purchasing Managers and staf of hotels and restaurants in Bandung under the Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia (PHRI), Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association (IHGMA), Riung Priangan, Indonesian Chef Association (ICA), Indonesian Housekepeers Association (IHKA), ACE Bandung, scholar and local media. In the presentation session, Seafood Savers and Signing Blue WWF deliver the importance of business player’s role in the seafood chain and marine tourism business to support the environmental conservation efforts in Indonesia.

Buyers (wholesalers, retailers, hotels and restaurants) as seafood seller have an important role in encouraging seafood consumption sourced from responsible fisheries practices. Therefore, Seafood Savers encourages a commitment from buyers to improve their seafood purchasing policy by becoming a member of Seafood Savers as part of their support for a better change.

On the tourism side, WWF motivates businesses players to practice responsible marine tourism through the Signing Blue program. The commitment of tourism providers and tourists to carry out responsible marine tourism activities will eventually create a sustainable tourism practices. Signing Blue ties the business players and tourists altogether to support the conservation movement, while at the same time carrying out business practices and tourist activities in a sustainable and equitable manner.

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The network of various business actors is expected to improve their roles in achieving a responsible and sustainable fisheries and marine tourism. The commitment and joint efforts of these players may inspire more and more business practitioners to collaboratively promote the sustainable fishing practices and marine tourism for the conservation of marine ecosystems and resources.

“Tourism and fisheries are two interrelated sides and both determine the sustainability of our existing resources. In tourism, the actors and service providers depend on the availability of fish consumed, while at the same time, the availability of fish will determine the continuing of tourism business, “Adji Santoso, Head of Corporate Partnership of WWF Indonesia.

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