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Again, WWF-Indonesia Successfully Assists One Company Achieving ASC

Author: Usmawati Anggita Sakti(Seafood Savers Communication Assistant) -  


A company partner of WWF-Indonesia has successfully attained Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) ecolabel certification for whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaus vannamei). On the early March 2018 ASC launches the certificate for shrimp farming unit of PT Tiwandi Sempana which is the supplier of PT Bumi Menara Internusa (PT BMI). PT BMI is a seafood producer whose products are ranging from fresh shrimp, crab and other seafood in East Java. By this certification, PT Tiwandi Sempana and PT BMI are internationally recognized for their commitment to supporting and doing a responsible shrimp farming.

Hasil panen udang vanamei_Wahju Subachri_WWF-ID
Whiteleg Shrimp Farmed by PT Tiwandi Sempana. ©Wahju Subachri/WWF-Indonesia

PT Tiwandi Sempana attains the certification for its 204 tonnes/year shrimp production in 17 ponds, 9 Ha farm located at Melati, Pesisir Village, Sumber Asih Sub-District, Probolinggo District, East Java. The method applied is intensive with feed and aerator.

Joining the Seafood Savers program on October 2016, the shrimp farming activity of PT Tiwandi Sempana as the supplier of PT  BMI  undergo the Aquaculture Improvement Program (AIP) for one and a half year. The AIP activities are a rehabilitation of surrounding ecosystem, a biodiversity-safe farming method, broodstock traceability, feed traceability, disposal management, waste and sediment use and also water and energy use. Beside environmental improvement, the AIP also covers social aspect by improving the labor management, preventing social conflict and building interaction with the local communities.

”The farm mentioned in the ASC certification unit is an internsive shrimp farm which has already attained others aquaculture certifications. Our improvement activities covers some activities supporting a more environmentally and socially responsible shrimp farming practice. Mangrove is planted along the coastal line in 4.5 Ha area,’ said Wahyu Subachri, Senior Aquaculture Officer WWF-Indonesia.

This certification proves that our local shrimp farmer is able to comply with an international standard of whiteleg shrimp farming. The ASC certified farm is expected to contribute to the development of sustainable shrimp farming practice.

“Congratulations to PT BMI and PT Tiwandi for achieving ASC certification for its farming unit. However, I would like to remind that the ASC certification is only granted to the specific unit, not all of the suppliers of this company. We do believe that the ecosystem rehabilitation could be well maintained and managed and both companies keep improving the environmental performance. Their commitment towards the environment will not work if one side of a company performs environmental preserve, while others don’t,” stated Cut Desyana, National Aquaculture Coordinator WWF-Indonesia.

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