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Environmental Activities by Shrimp Producers in Jember

Author: WWF-Indonesia -  
Translated: Arif Fajar Sulistyo

©Audra Melton / WWF-US
©Audra Melton / WWF-US

Jember, January 10th, 2020 –  Joining the WWF Indonesia shrimp improvement program through Seafood Savers membership in 2017, PT Mega Marine Pride became one of the companies committed to start implementing a sustainable aquaculture system as part of its production relevance to the principles of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). The company has received ASC certification for one of their supply chains, PT Delta Guna Sukses in Jember, and is currently in the early audit surveillance process by an accredited auditor. Upon the commitment and support of good farm management by PT Delta Guna Sukses, the company still maintain its status as a company that has obtained ASC certification.

In an attempt to support sustainable cultivation, PT Mega Marine Pride continues to conduct a wide range of programs through CSR activities. With the effects of global warming increasing, PT Mega Marine Pride Group is taking environmental conservation measures by planting thousands mangrove and coast she-oak in Jember District.

The commitment to the implementation of principles bound in the ASC is exhibited in various activities such as the application of sewage treatment systems to minimize pollution, the use of responsible feed that has traceability and good sources of fish oil and fish meal (from responsible fisheries sources) and ecosystem improvement activities around the pond by planting mangroves and other coastal vegetation. Until 2019 PT DGS has planted 2700 Tall-Stilt mangrove trees, 3000 coast she-oak trees and 1000 ash trees.

Tree planting asserts as an implementation of the four CSR pillars of PT Mega Marine Pride Group. In addition, is referring to one activities of Aquaculture Improvement Project (AIP) with WWF-Indonesia. This program intends to maintain conservation for the sake of environment that involves a joint efforts between the company, community and stakeholders.

Adi Surya Dewanto representing the Board of Directors of PT Mega Marine Pride Group, claimed that the planting of trees should be keen thus creating a green and clean environment. Planting tree is one of PT Mega Marine Pride Group’s CSR program which has been ongoing since 2008. The location of the planted tree at this occasion was located in the Village of Kepanjen, Sub-District Gumukmas, Jember District. As a total of 1500 planted trees consisting of 1000 seed of coast She-Oak (Casuarina  equisetifolia) and 500 seeds of Tall-Stilt Mangrove (Rhizophora  apiculate).

“With the increasing amount of tree also increases the amount of oxygen that is crucial to the ecosystem. The planting which we do is an important step to restrain abrasion and to breach waves in case of a tsunami. This particular occasion we planted seed of Coast She-Oak as a form to support the environmental program of the government “, explained  Adi Surya Dewanto.


Through this activity, PT Mega Marine Pride Group shows that action taken which have a direct impact to the environment can be achieved with synergy of multiple parties. This planting activities also involves buyer (Costco Wholesale), NGO, Local law enforcement officer, Police and local community.

“We feel pleased and proud to be part of this activity. Hopefully, Mega Marine Pride group can continue to maintain and be consistent with these environmental activities in the years to come,” Robert Huskey stated, the Vice President of Costco Wholesale.

In addition to the environmental program further program was conducted, health program through free examination and treatment service for the local residents. This activity took place on the same day, Friday (10/01), at PT Delta Guna Sukses as one of the Mega Marine Pride group. In CSR activities, there are 119 people from three villages including Kepanjen, Mojomulyo and Mayangan who received the service.

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