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The Fishery Improvement Program Assists Reef Fish Processing Company from Kupang

Author: Capture Fisheries Team(WWF Indonesia) -  
Translated: M. A. Indira Prameswari

Kakap merah merupakan salah satu komoditas yang didaftarkan oleh PT MAS. © Faridz Rizal Fachri / Yayasan WWF Indonesia
Red snapper is one of the registered commodities from PT MAS. © Faridz Rizal Fachri / Yayasan WWF Indonesia

Reef fish is a popular commodity in seafood market. People are familiar with consuming reef fish and its relatives such as snapper, grouper, pompano, sweetlips, and many more. Reef fish is highly accessible among Indonesians and its taste is loved by the people. Despite their interesting culinary factors, reef fish also play an important role in maintaining the health of coral reef ecosystems, hence their existence needs to be maintained and preserved.

To maintain and preserve reef fish stock in the wild, Seafood Savers works with PT Matsyaraja Arnawa Stambhapura (PT MAS), a company from capture fishery industry. Headquartered in Tenau, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, PT MAS is a fish processing company that focuses on processed reef fish products, such as whole fish and fillet. Through WWF-Indonesia Fishery Improvement Program, PT MAS commits to responsible and sustainable fishery assistance. The registered commodities for the program are from the red snapper type (Lutjanus sp), goldband snapper (Pristipomoides sp), and onaga which is more famously known as ruby snapper (Etelis sp). Their fishes are sourced from Fisheries Management Area (FMA/WPP-NRI) 573, especially around the Timor Sea. The company uses dropline and bottom longline as their main fishing gears.

PT MAS submitted their application for Seafood Savers membership program in 2019. The company has completed all steps to become Seafood Savers member, including due diligence, identification, conditioning, and evaluation. The evaluation result showed that PT MAS fulfilled all the required conditions to become a Seafood Savers member. Following the process, PT MAS went under a pre-assessment done by a third-party consultant, which checklists are aligned with MSC standards. The pre-assessment result will later be used as a base framework to develop Fisheries Improvement Program action plan for the registered commodities.

The pre-assessment process was done in 2020 and the results were made as basic component for WWF-Indonesia Team to compose future action plan. PT MAS has complied to the process well and showed their great interest in improving its fishing practices. After the long stages of process prior to membership, PT MAS officially joined Seafood Savers on June 4, 2021.

Being a member of Seafood Savers is not the final goal for the company, but rather a start towards greater commitment in implementing fisheries improvement scheme. The company and WWF-Indonesia aim to conduct the improvement program for the next five years towards a responsible and sustainable fishery practices.

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