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The Onset of the First Year Review of FIP Purse Seine PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara in Kendari (Part 1)

Author: Saraswati Adityarini(Capture Fisheries Officer) -  
Translated: Arif Fajar Sulistyo

Exactly a year ago, the Pre-Assessment process of PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara was successfully carried out by Richard Banks as the MSC assessor. This Pre-assessment conducted along with the provided work plans that have been prepared both at the regional and national levels related to the Purse Seine Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) in Kendari. As the first fishery FIP purse seine in Indonesia, it’s also targeted to fulfilling the goal of a strong FIP (Robust FIP) at the end of 2019, PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara’s FIP has achieved the best rating (A) on the website, for its 12 monthly review process. In the membership scheme at the Seafood Savers purse seine fisheries, FIP from PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara is also conducted every semester, the result of the progress report can be accessed through the website Therefore, the review process by an independent expert consultant is carried out when the FIP implementation is functioning after one year. This activity is an evaluation step to obtain an overview of each activities’ achievements that has been carried out. Therefore, it is expected that after various gaps/discrepancies from the implementation of FIP in the first year are identified, the strategy is to improve the implementation of the FIP so that it can be better arranged annually until the completion of the program.

The Unloading Process of Fish Cargoes Captured by Local Fishers at Kendari/ ©WWF-ID/Saraswati Adityarini
The Unloading Process of Fish Cargoes Captured by Local Fishers at Kendari/ ©WWF-ID/Saraswati Adityarini

The review process begins with the identification and recruitment of experts as auditors, the selected candidate was Peter Trott, with his capacity as an MSC assessor who has numerous experiences in tuna fisheries in Indonesia. The next step in the FIP review process from PT PBN in Kendari is the provision of relevant information needed by the experts. In this regard, PT PBN and WWF-Indonesia will support the provision of the information required, before meeting with stakeholders to verify and clarify the information previously obtained. The meeting included a visit to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in Jakarta, the Provincial Government of Southeast Sulawesi, and other relevant stakeholders in Kendari.

The meetings were planned to be in virtual, taking into account the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic. As an initial discussion, on March 24, 2020, a meeting was held with the Directorate of Fish Resource Management, the DGPT of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, along with all levels of the Sub-Directorate for Monitoring and Analysis of Fish Resource Management. This review process will continue with several stages, including meeting with the local government and relevant stakeholders in Kendari to discuss at once and clarify the information in the area. After the final report of the review results is available, the last step is to socialize the results as well as to consult the publications with all relevant parties. It is hoped that at this meeting, there will be participation from each party to contribute both ideas/input, or other resources to support this FIP to achieve its targets. Strong FIP needs to be supported by strong participation from the supply chain and all committed partners.

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