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Seafood Savers Campaign 2018: Makassar Actively Campaigns Sustainable Seafood Product

Author: Usmawati Anggita Sakti(Seafood Savers Communication Assistant) -  


Trend of consuming only eco-friendly products is developing along with the development of our awareness towards the sustainability of natural resources. Many raise their voice to pursue others reducing plastic, using certified wood, consuming certified palm oil and seafood as well. WWF-Indonesia throughout #BeliYangBaik and Seafood Savers program have been campaigning sustainable seafood products in several big cities in Indonesia.

If last year Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Jakarta became the targets of campaign, in the beginning of 2018 Seafood Savers chose Makassar, South Sulawesi. Makassar is a strategic location for this campaign considering that the great number of hotel and restaurant which are potential to build a strong commitment to sustainable seafood business, in line with principle of Seafood Savers. In addition, campaign in Makassar collaborates with Seafood Savers member and environmental communities, Marine Buddies and Earth Hour Makassar.

Talkshow and Mini Fishing Games

The enthusiasm of Makassar people towards the consumption of seafood product movement is seen from the two campaign activities held on April 6th to 13th, 2018.

Improving The Wealth of Fishers and Famers Talkshow. ©Usmawati Anggita Sakti/WWF-Indonesia

The first kind of campaign activity is talkshow with the Fisheries Offices of South Sulawesi Province, local companies which are members of Seafood Savers as well namely PT Bogatama Marinusa, shrimp producer and Celebes Seaweed Group, seaweed producer, WWF-Indonesia and representative of JARING-Nusantara fishers association. 62 participants coming from hotel, seafood restaurant and media attend the talkshow and join the current seafood business discussion in Makassar.

“Realizing the trend that consumers are willing to but high-quality product with higher price, restaurant, hotel and modern market should have certification and this is what we should do together. We as government has already implemented that by encouraging every business player in production level attains certification of proper processing process,” stated Dr. Siti Zuleha Soebarini, the Head of UPTD Fisheries Offices of South Sulawesi.

Besides discussion, talkshow held on April 5th also provides cooking demo with Makassar local menu, Snapper Pallu Kaci and Shrimp Aglio Spaghetti. By using ingredients from Fish’n Blues and PT Bogatama Marinusa, this cooking demo performs the collaboration between seafood caught and cooked with environmental friendly manner, but still maintains the local tastes.

Cooking Demo Using the Products of PT BOMAR dan Fish’nBlues. ©Usmawati Anggita Sakti/WWF-Indonesia

Continuing the campaign series, April 6th until 12th, 2018 Seafood Savers collaborates with Marine Buddies and Earth Hour communities to open booth in Ratu Indah Mall, Losari Beach and Losari Car Free Day. Shopping center and crowd are chosen because those locations are strategic to educate consumers who are coming from different background. Campaign focuses on educating consumers on the importance of consuming responsible seafood products and pursuing them to follow update information about Seafood Savers through Seafood Savers social media.


The campaign is done by a Mini Fishing Games, challenging the players to catch many fish in a very limited time while at the same time they should consider the fish status.

Talkshow and campaign in shopping center are expected to raise the awareness of hotel, retailer, restaurant and consumer in Makassar towards certified seafood products. Moreover, future goal is a collaboration between stakeholders in achieving the main goals through Seafood Savers membership. Therefore, they can implement Chain of Custody Improvement Program) towards COC (Chain of Custody) certification and be a responsible and sustainable seafood business players.

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