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WWF-Indonesia Validates the member of the Seafood Savers for the first time

Aulia R
Jakarta –WWF-Indonesia for the first time affirms the official membership of a company in Seafood Savers corporate engagement program. Sea Delight, an importer company of frozen seafood located in Florida, United States of America, is the first company that acquires legal membership in businesscooperation mechanism towards sustainable fisheries and sustainable management of natural resources.

The inauguration of the Seafood Severs membership was held in 2012, a day before the World Oceans Day celebrated on July 8. “After going through several phases of due diligence, Sea Delight deserves the legal membership of Seafood Savers. Sea Delight is fully committed in the improvement of business and fishing practices to achieve sustainable fishing,” explained Margareth Meutia, Senior Corporate Campaigner of WWF-Indonesia Marine Program. She spoke as the representative of Seafood Savers Secretariat at that time.

By being a member of Seafood Savers, Sea Delight is committed to perform a series of fisheries improvement activities that includes every element in its supply chain in Indonesia, encompassing the strengthening of national fisheries management, institutional framework, research, and the conformity with sustainable fisheries requirements/standards. Every improvement milestone is stated on the Workplan of Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) developed by fisheries team of WWF-Indonesia together with Sea Delight.

The development of milestones is based on international standard for sustainable fisheries created by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), third-party certification for sustainable fisheries. Three MSC Principles include sustainable fish stocks, minimizing environmental impact, and effective management.

Sea Delight FIP will be conducted in three different Fishery Management Areas (FMA 573 for tuna fisheries encompassing southern Indonesian waters, FMA 715 in Central Sulawesi, and FMA 714 for reef fish fisheries in North Maluku). FIPinvolves not only Sea Delight but also supplier companies that sell fish to Sea Delight as wellas other elements included in the trade chain such as fishers and middlemen selling fish products to the suppliers.

Seafood Severs Secretariatestimates that the time needed for Sea Delight to complete the whole process of FIP is 5 years. However, Sea Delight cannot carry out the entire fisheries improvement activities alone, other stakeholders should also actively participate during the process that include government and fellow fishing companies.

“Fisheries Improvement Program performed by Sea Delight is the integral part of national fisheries improvement efforts that requires support and commitment from all relevant stakeholders, “said Imam Musthofa, National Fisheries Program Leader WWF-Indonesia, who initiated the development of Sea Delight FIP Workplan.

Sea Delight is one of the companies joined in Seafood Savers initiative. Seafood Savers is a program to achieve sustainable fisheries goalthrough a cooperation mechanism with corporates involved in the fisheries industry.WWF-Indonesia through Seafood Savers tries to facilitate the responsible and/or sustainable production and procurement of seafood products,through information sharing and linking business and to encourage business to business relation amongcompanies involve which will include producers, retailers and financial institutions.

“Realizing the increased adverse impact posed by fishing activities to the environment, our company thinks that Seafood Severs is the best solution in order to gain significant result in the work of creating sustainable management of natural resources.Seafood Savers protects not only marine ecosystems and all living things included in the marine environment but also maintains the long term sustainability of marine resources important for social well-being, “Adriana Sanchez-Lindsay, Import and Sustainability Coordinator of Sea Delight explained after receiving the certificate of official membership in Seafood Savers.

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